Pink Tutu Party Photoshoot Inspiration


pink tutu party illustration by shell sherree

Life imitating art imitating life ... the chicken and the egg.  In this case, my illustration of a fluffy pink tutu party with sweet cat and dog turned into the inspiration for the styling of our hero photography shoot for my new website and store.

While I love pretty garments, I'm no dressmaker - and I pretty much live in jeans or maxi dresses. So sitting amongst a pile of pink tulle while wearing said denims rather than a real tutu felt like the most 'me' thing to do.

My photographer friend Philip Antonopoulos was patient beyond measure as one location after another didn't pan out.  Thanks to his beautiful eye and talents, you'd never have known it was far from ideal.  If you're looking for portrait photography in Brisbane (at this time), please get in touch with him. He'll bring out the best in you.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Fashionable Friday to you!

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shellsherree portrait philip antonopoulos photography


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