Paris Illustration at Shakespeare & Company

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paris illustration, shakespeare & co, shell sherree - copyright

Today's illustration sees us wandering past the iconic Shakespeare & Company in Paris, academic graduation-esque robes sailing and a black cat whose helpfulness could be just a titch backhanded if you ask me.

In the early days, I used to just illustrate Paris shopfronts, not fashion, not fluffballs.  It started with one tiny black cat slipped into a scene that really looked a bit lacking in life without it.  Before long, it felt like a human presence was also required. And so, eventually Fashion & Fluffballs was born.  And from there, custom illustration requests in that style started coming.  And here we are. 

My daily wardrobe is pretty much jeans, pretty top {often a fluffy one, to be sure} and sassy heels {even though nowadays they seem somewhat de rigueur ... I suspect my fellow females whose height hovers in the vicinity of five foot two will understand the extra psychological and physical comfort they bring}.  But in my illustrations? I can let my wardrobe fantasies roam.  My work is far removed from the typical fashion illustrator style but it allows me a free, unlimited wardrobe without feeling awful for contributing to the escalating textile landfill of the planet.  If only I could create for you 100% biodegradable bamboo printable outfits ... we'd all be happy as a pup with an endless bowl of bacon.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Francophile Friday to you!

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  • Shelley on

    Lilly, you and I are cut from the same mold!! ;)

  • Lilly on

    If I’m not walking Sherlock I’m always in heels! Including trips to Bunnings ???

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