By acquiring any of the Shell Sherree artworks and art products here on the Shell Sherree Studio online gallery store, you're helping to support heart-centered businesses and a more sustainable future. 

Together we can help the planet be a happier place one beautiful one-of-a-kind or made-to-order artwork at a time.


Most items are sent directly from my studio.  The exception is open edition prints to US addresses, which are sent by my print partners in the States instead to reduce transit times. 

All prints except those ordered in the US are printed to order at print specialists less than 10km from my studio. Keeping it real, I doubt I'll ever cycle/walk/electric scooter to collect them, but all vehicular trips are consolidated and minimised.  Prints to Australian addresses generally ship directly from my print specialists to you to minimise double handling/packaging/travelling.

All items sent from my studio are sent carbon neutral via Sendle or Australia Post.  You can visit their websites directly to discover how they are partnering and developing in this area.


Artworks, both original and fine art prints, are delicate items that need to be packaged in a certain way in order to protect them until they are safely framed. 

When your item ships directly from Shell Sherree Studio, wherever possible, recyclable and eco-friendly materials are used.  Unfortunately, some plastic is unavoidable in order to protect them properly and acid-free. Shell Sherree tissue paper is printed with soy-based inks on FSC Certified paper and acid-free.

The plastic sleeve in which original artworks and fine art prints are enclosed is acid-free to protect your artwork until framed.  It can be recycled in your local soft plastics recycling programme.  (In Australia, hopefully there will soon be a way to do this again.)

The rigid cardboard envelopes can be recycled with paper recycling.  The Silk Leopard Scarves are packaged in a beautiful recyclable floristry cylinder that can also be repurposed or used for storage.

Packaging tape is still a work in progress with our packaging methods and minimised as much as we can.  We are looking at transitioning to paper tape provided it meets the necessary protective criteria.  Meanwhile if your parcel arrives with packaging tape, please remove it before recycling everything else.  Thanks so much.

Items that ship directly from my fine art print specialists are packaged by them as they see fit in order to ensure they arrive to you safely, which is our number one priority.  This is beyond my control but if the packaging concerns you when your order arrives, please get in touch with us directly and we will pass the feedback on to them.  Thank you.