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My human and I went on a magic carpet ride with ShellSherree as a surprise for her mum's birthday.  We were over the moon and back again with our personalised portrait - amazing turn around time, pawsome customer engagement and the end result was more than we expected!  My human's mum loved it too!  And since then we have had it put on a phone case (so my human can see me even when we are apart), a cushion cover and our grocery bags.... We give it a two paws up!

@a_yorkie_called_sherlock, Sydney

Shell Sherree captures not only the love we have for our furry family members. She creates magical backdrops by pulling together the most unique elements her subjects' personal style, dream locations, and favorite colors/items and marries them together to create a timeless fairytale. The piece Shell created for me will be dear to my heart for years to come. I cannot thank her enough!!

“@comoandthecity’s mum Seline, California

I commissioned Shelley to create a piece of art for my wedding, which included my sweet pup Mia, as she was not able to attend the wedding, and I wanted to incorporate her somehow. Throughout the entire process, Shelley was phenomenal to work with – always attentive and willing to take any suggestions, which resulted in the most amazing art work we displayed at the reception. We received so many compliments on it, and now I have a beautiful memory hanging on my wall forever. Thanks Shelley!

@miapomeranian’s mum Angela, Texas

We have 3 custom Shell Sherree drawings in our home. They give us a sense of peace and happiness every time we walk by them. Shell's work is simply beautiful. The colors and detail given to each drawing is simply magical. I know many more Shell Sheree drawings will be added to our collection. Shell is an incredible talent.   

@cocoandkanga’s Alexandra & Stacie, Colorado

We contacted Shell to create a drawing of our youngest daughter Theresa who is pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballerina, along with our two French bulldogs, Alice and Odelia. Shell did a wonderful job capturing our daughter's love for her dogs and ballet through her whimsical, light-hearted drawing. It's a treasured reminder of the joy we've experienced with them.

@odelia_and_alice and @lapetiteballerina’s parents, NYC

Thanks to Shelley, I have the perfect eternal  memory of the magical relationship I have with my dog, Jack. Throughout the process Shelley is listening to our desires, she has an unique style and amazing ideas. The result is sublime, sent with care. Everyone just loves it ! Thank you Shelley for your work and kindness through the all process, and beyond. Des bisous de moi et Jack.

@jackthepompom’s mum Audrey, Paris