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Pet Portraits and Custom Portraits

Whisk you and your pet to Paris - or anywhere you fancy - with a one-of-a-kind pet portrait illustration.  Choose from several beautiful options and styles.

Standard options include a sweet head and shoulders dog portrait or cat portrait with flower crown or surrounded by flowers - or I can create a custom portrait of your dog or cat's sweet head and overlay that over a pretty Paris scene.

Or you and your furry loved ones can embark on an entirely customised hand-drawn and watercolored Magic Carpet Ride to a destination or setting we'll dream up together.  Barefoot and ballgowned or in sassy jeans and heels, we're only limited by imagination.  Prices for these completely custom portraits start at $395AUD depending on complexity and detail to complete your brief.

All originals are created on A4 French watercolour paper (also suits 8x10" mat opening) which can also be upsided to fine art giclee prints in A3 / 11x14 inch or A2 / 16x20 inch paper sizes.  These long-lasting museum quality prints are crafted to order on 300gsm cotton rag paper with archival inks. 

You can choose from standard options below.  Or to run through your brief and get a quote for your fully customised pet portrait illustration, please get in touch via our Contact page.  And you'll find plenty of Happy Client testimonials here

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