Pet Portraits and Custom Portraits

Sweet, dainty and delicate, these one-of-a-kind illustrated portraits are a unique and exquisite way to celebrate your furbabies and create a special memento you will treasure forever.

Popular settings include plenty of pretty flowers, a day at the beach or mountains backdrop.  These can be ordered for up to four pets right now from the product listing shown here. To include more pets and/or humans, please get in touch with your needs and I'll advise further.

Prices for custom illustrations with a setting entirely of your choosing - whisking your family away on a magic carpet wherever your heart desires, a Paris backdrop or incorporating your home or a favourite holiday setting, for instance - depend on complexity and detail to complete your brief.

Please view the option below which is very helpful in letting you know how we go about things.  You can order directly there if suitable.  Or to run through your brief and get a quote for your fully customised pet portrait illustration, please get in touch via our Contact page.  And you'll find plenty of Happy Client testimonials here