Pet Portraits and Custom Illustrations

Whisk you and your pet to Paris - or anywhere you fancy - with a one-of-a-kind pet portrait illustration.  Choose from several beautiful options and styles.

You and your furry loved ones can have a chic and pretty Fashion & Fluffballs portrait, or embark on a custom bespoke hand-drawn and watercoloured Magic Carpet Ride to a destination or setting we'll dream up together.  Barefoot and ballgowned or in sassy jeans and heels, we're only limited by imagination.

Or have fun with one of my original 'pet portrait photobombs' where I create a custom portrait of your pet's loveable noggin and overlay it on top of one of my beautiful illustrations set in Paris, Venice or other gorgeous location.  New backgrounds will be added regularly.

All are created on A4 French watercolour paper (suits 8x10" mat opening) with options to upsize to eye-catching A3 size or ultra-grande A2 fine art prints on 300gsm cotton paper with archival inks.  These suit standard 11x14" and 16x20" mat openings respectively.

If simple, elegant and minimally striking is more your style, please book a Petal Pie Pet Portrait. I'll draw my artist's impression of your beloved pet in a flower garland with a brush dipped in Indian Ink, a few splashes of watercolour and sparkles of gold ink.  These also make exquisite gifts for your animal loving friends.

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