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a yorkie called sherlock pet interview shell sherree

Come behind the scenes of another custom pet portrait illustration with today's interview post.  We're chatting with adorable young Sherlock of popular Instagram account @a_yorkie_called_sherlock

He and his human live in Sydney, Australia, and I was so delighted when they asked me to create something special for his human's mother's birthday.  It was a rather momentous one and they were seeking a beautiful 'one of a kind' gift.  Thankfully, they chose me to help them with that!  And now, let's get chatting.

So tell me, Sherlock, you’ve been sniffing out crime for some time now.  What’s the strangest case you’ve come across to date?
That’s a tough one… there have been so many amazing cases, like the time someone toilet papered the bathroom!  But I guess I’d say the strangest is an ongoing and unsolved case known as The Case of the Self-Relocating Sock.  It’s apparently part of a bigger crime spree happening across the globe in which socks that were in the wash basket inexplicably appear in the lounge room… the bathroom… the kitchen… and even in my and fellow detective’s beds! For a long time my human thought I was involved, but I’ve stuck by the most important rule in detectiving – deny, deny, deny - and with nothing but circumstantial evidence she has agreed we need to keep investigating.

Your trusty sidekick Mr Giraffe came along for your illustrated adventure but I heard he recently had a hospital stay due to overzealous interrogation.  How’s his recuperation going?
I have to be honest, it’s not looking promising.  He’s going to need some major reconstructive surgery and my human said my insurance doesn’t cover him.  Personally I have my suspicions that he’s faking it to avoid another interrogation.


a yorkie called sherlock pet interview shell sherree

A question for your human.  Lilly Mary, when we were chatting about your custom illustration, one of your ‘must-haves’ was to have you attired in your gorgeous favourite dress.   What’s your most memorable occasion with it – or is that yet to come?
I bought that dress over 15 years ago at a small boutique in Newcastle, with mum tagging along as my style advisor.  I think it was for a friend’s wedding, but I’ve hauled it out a couple times now – most recently for Sherlock’s first New Year’s Eve.  Even now that dress never fails to make me feel chic – especially when I’m also holding a glass of champagne. ;)

This custom artwork was a gift for your mother, which tickles me no end.  I love making something memorable for people’s loved ones.  Whereabouts does your mum display it at home?  
It’s displayed on a table in her lounge alongside prized memorabilia from her travels and photos of other loved ones.  

a yorkie called sherlock pet interview shell sherree


Lilly Mary, you’re a champagne lover and I’m guessing a bit of a connoisseur.  Can you give us a tip on your favourite champagne for value plus your dream champagne if Sherlock scored a million dollar reward for his exemplary crime-solving activities?
My favourite champagne is Billecart-Salmon.  It’s full of soft nutty undertones with a splash of citrus.  But I’m no snob – if it’s French and bubbly, I’ll drink it… and even if Sherlock’s crime-solving ways finally paid off I could probably still be found checking out the Aldi Champagne specials. ;)

Speaking of being a connoisseur … Sherlock, which wins paws down as your favourite snack: doughnuts or croissants and why?
You had me at doughnuts… but now I think I also need to do some investigation into this thing called a ‘croissant’…


a yorkie called sherlock pet interview shell sherree

Lilly Mary, how long has Sherlock been lighting up your life now?  
He’s been my pawsome bestie now for just over a year.  I have vague recollections of life before him, dull and hazy, and not quite in focus.  It’s corny I know, but there are moments now when we are out detectiving together, or he brings me sheepie for a quick tussle, or sits on my lap and graciously lets me rub his belly, and I see us as though from a mile away and think ‘This. Now. The Everything. Blessed.’

If you could sum up his character in three words, what would they be?  
He’s all Personality, Fluff and Joy.

Sherlock, how about your human?  Share with us three things you love most about her?  You can use more than three words to do that!
Off the bat, she’s very ‘trainable’.  Not all humans are, you know.  But so far I have been able to teach her 34 commands and also how to make the perfect chicken with potatoes.  She is also an expert belly rubber, walker and treat dispenser.  Plus she’s always happy to see me – even when she says I’m a bit stinky ;)


a yorkie called sherlock pet interview shell sherree

And what does your pawfect day look like with your human, sweetie?
Every day starts the same - with snuggles under the doona and a slow wake up from belly rubs.  Then we’re off and detectiving for an hour – a lot happens overnight so there’s usually a fair bit of crime to sniff out and peemails to be answered.  Then it’s chicken and potatoes for breakfast – and while that’s cooking I train my human.  At the moment she’s learning to hold her arm just right so I can rest against it with my paws and pray.  She’s almost nailed it.  After that, on an absolutely pawfect day, instead of me going to my teepee and my human going off to earn money for doughnuts, we hang out and live a loop of lounging around, belly rubs, sunshine walks and naps.  My human and I are working on how we can make that our 7 day reality.

Follow Sherlock's detectivating adventures here for a dose of cuteness overload to brighten your day.  You can chat with me (obligation-free) about your very own custom portrait illustration via contact or check out the various options including Pet Portrait Photobombs and Petal Pie Portraits here. Have a gorgeous day!!

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