Fashion & Fluffballs Paris Illustration : The Girl With the Gold Koala Tattoo

fashion and fluffballs francophile friday paris

fashion fluffballs paris illustration by shell sherree red gown, eiffel tower, koala tattoo


Dragon tattoos are fine and all - but for my first foray into designing jewellery art to be worn on the skin, a gold koala materialised when I searched within.  

This little cutie is called Blossom Pie and unlike a real koala, whose claws can alarm, you'll love having this one climbing up your arm.  The gold ink is vegetable-based and gives a pretty sparkle in the light ... ephemeral and delicate to surprise and delight! 

gold koala tattoo temporary by shell sherree

As for today's fashion and fluffballs illustration, you can see we're taking Blossom Pie for a tour with an Eiffel Tower view.  This sweet French bulldog and cat make an excellent faux tattoo-wearing secret agent crew.  And on that note ... 

Happy Fashionable Francophile Friday to you! 

PS:  Order your very own gold temporary koala tattoo by Shell Sherree here in store along with prints and merchandise and custom portrait illustrations, too. 

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