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Paris Carousel Illustration and Frenchie Feeding Time

shell sherree illustration paris carousel french bulldog feeding


Life is a carousel, old chum ... if there's a mondegreen to be had, it will be had by me, by jove and eh, what!

Aside from potential lack of any genuine singing ability, my complete and utter inability to retain lyrics would run serious interference if I ever wanted to make a crust from it.  Songs without words - that would have to be my thing. 

But this little French bulldog in today's illustration is showing us how to make a crust from other things, namely a gnawsome baguette he is willing to share with his new feathered friend.  And speaking of running interference, he just might have to do that if our kitty gets other ideas.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Fashionable Fluffy Friday to you!

PS:  You'll find Paris prints, Fashion & Fluffballs prints and custom portrait illustrations here in store.  Merci, grazie, thank you!

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