Original works of art - one of a kind

These original works of art on paper come directly from my studio to you.

Here in my studio, surrounded by nature and trees, birds are my daytime companions.  They keep me company and constantly uplift me with their exquisite and oft intricate songs and their endearing personalities. 

I love flight, flowers, felines and femininity.  All these constantly inspire me and have led me to creating these works on paper - the surface I am always drawn to :) - and through these works, I'm spreading my own wings without even leaving home. 

In these creations, I follow flashes of inspiration, working spontaneously with pastels and charcoal on paper - an immediate medium with no drying time - drawing and rubbing pigment onto smooth, gorgeous French Arches cotton paper.  Now and then, a shimmer and sheen of lovely gold metallic and white pearl acrylic paints pop in.

Some days, I'm in the mood for watercolours and Indian inks on paper. 

New works are added regularly.