Original works of art - flowers

These original art works on paper come directly from my studio to you.

I adore flowers, flower shops, flowers everything.  I know I'm far from alone.  They really do make most things in life more beautiful. 

They inspire me, their visual loveliness and the sense and energy of them, whether viewed and captured as a moment with vivid, literal representation, or somewhat approximately as if through a misty lens, filled with life and vibration. 

It's the latter that I endeavour to represent in my own flower artworks. 

Some are created with pastels and charcoal on paper - an immediate medium that's virtually pure pigment with no drying time - drawing and rubbing pigment onto smooth, gorgeous French Arches cotton paper.  Now and then, a shimmer and sheen of lovely gold metallic and white pearl acrylic paints pop in.

Others are created via brush drawing with watercolours and Indian inks on the same thick, smooth Arches cotton watercolour paper as most of my pastels.  What can I say, I love that paper!

New works are added regularly.  I love to create prolifically.  You can keep in touch with new additions via subscribing to emails (see below) or on Instagram